Learning | Pediatric Hypothyroidism 

Dr. McIver is a leading expert on pediatric hypothyroidism and has helped countless children and families manage this condition.

Living with Hashimoto’s Disease: How to Handle an Inflamed Thyroid

Autoimmune diseases can affect people of all ages. The same is true ...
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pediatric hypothyroidism

HPT Axis: What Is It & How Does It Relate to the Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland?

Are you wondering, “what is the HPT axis?” Perhaps you heard the ...
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The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment for Pediatric Endocrine Disorders

While some pediatric endocrine disorders can be easily diagnosed, others may be ...
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Short Stature

How is short stature syndrome in childhood defined? Based on population norms, ...
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Positive Thryoid Antibodies | Tpoab

What are thyroid antibodies? Thyroid antibodies can be evaluated for by a ...
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Non-Thyroidal Illness | Sick Euthyroid Syndrome

What is non-thyroidal illness or sick euthyroid syndrome?The simplest way to explain ...
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New Treatment Option to Delay Type 1 Diabetes

New Treatment to Delay Type 1 DiabetesOn November 17,2022 the FDA approved ...
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Importance of Thyroid Hormone

Why are thyroid hormones so important?Thyroid hormone is important for many organs ...
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