Case of Hypothyroidism to Iodine Deficiency

Case of Hypothyroidism Due to Iodine Deficiency:

Iodine deficiency is a common cause of hypothyroidism in third world countries in malnourished populations.  Its rare in the US but has been reported.  In this case was published in Nov2022, and it involved an adolescent with mild autism spectrum who had an extremely restricted diet.  He had an enlarged gland or goiter and had negative thyroid antibodies.  Testing revealed his body was iodine deficient.  His goiter and thyroid abnormalities resolved with iodine supplementation.

Risk factors for iodine deficiency:
Picky eater/food aversion
Mulitple food allergies
Vegan Diet
Autism Spectrum Disorder

Common sources of iodine:
Iodinized salt

Recommended Dietary Reference Intakes (The Harriet Lane Handbook, 20th ed.)

 Iodine mcg/dSelenium mcg/d
0-6 mo11015
7-12 mo13020
1-3 yr9020
4-8 yr9030
9-13 yr12040
14 yr and up15055

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